Reception Stay & Learn

Reception Stay & Learn changes

Reception Stay & Learn. A number of parents have raised concerns today. Unfortunately we’re a victim of our own success! With 51 little ones now in Reception Stay & Learn has outgrown the Reception areas. So from tomorrow (Tuesday) the following procedures will be in place.

  • Monday and Tuesday Miss Bevan's (Blue Room) Children's' parents stay.
  • Miss Hickman's and Mrs Birks (Red Room) parents drop off and then leave.
  • On Wednesday's and Thursday's it's the other way around with Miss Bevan's dropping off rather than stay until 9.
  • On Friday's its book change so all parents are welcome to stay.

Finally can we ask that pushchairs are left at the back of the hall rather than in Reception. This means that the pre-school siblings will have to be carried into Reception! We’ll try this for a couple of weeks to see if it works.

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