Learning Zone (part of Growing our Community Together)

The school have built a new Learning Zone for the children to work and grow things in with Funding from Tesco Bags of Help Scheme. We are working in partnership with Friends of Marsh Park and Lawyers Field and between us we built the learning zone here at the school and a community garden and orchard at Lawyers Field. Please see below our photos and journey since 2017 to complete both half of these projects. Thank you to everyone that supported us or provided help.

June 2018

Any future updates regarding the learning zone will now be on the Brockmoor Bloomers page.

April 2018

Nearly two years after the initial idea to develop this area this is what it looks like now:

Autumn 2017

The School sponsored an apple tree and were able to send some children and staff to help plant the tree when Friends of Marsh Park had their orchard planting day. The children got to meet various companies and volunteers that had helped with the project. They were also able to help the Mayor of Dudley plant his tree. The children enjoyed their morning and were fascinated by the worms and grubs we found in the ground as we dug down. The trees are doing well and survived the winter snow!

Summer 2017

Over the Summer term our site team, the help of a Duke if Edinburgh volunteer and a team of people from Prince's Trust, managed to complete phases 2 and 3 of the Learning Zone. The most difficult part turned out to be erecting the poly tunnel....although with a real team effort we got there in the end! The children have already begun to work in the garden and have planted a variety of things for the autumn term. The children work with Mrs Bond (our Outdoor work and Site Manager) Mrs Gutteridge (Our Learning mentor) and some volunteers from Friends of Marsh Park and Lawyer's Field every other Thursday.


The winning poster designs from our competition on 07/04/2017 can be seen here. Well done to everyone that entered. Mr Wellings is not going to turn these designs into posters to use to promote our project.


We have made a start on developing the land at the front of the school. Dudley MBC Greencare Team started the work by flattening the ground over the Easter holidays. This was finished by hand by our some of our own staff and 2 volunteers on Friday 21st April. We also built some planters around the trees. The next work will be in June (depending on the availability of volunteers) or the summer holidays. Phase 2 will see the completion of a compost bay and planters for the children to use. Phase 3 is to build a fence along the car park to make the area safe for the children. The final phase will be to build the poly tunnel at the far end. This will enable us to extend our growing season!


The children had another chance today to submit an entry to design posters to promote the project. They also came up with some ideas for how we can decorate some planters made from car tyres. The poster competition results will be announced after the Easter holidays. This is being judged by three members of Friends of Marsh Park and Lawyers Field. It will be a difficult decision!


We have launched a competition in school for the children too design a poster regarding the Growing Our Community Together Project.


Friends of Marsh Park and Lawyers Field (FOMPALF) and volunteers met at Lawyers Field Brierley Hill to start to mark out the locations for the orchard and raised beds. This has made things a little more real for all those involved!


Voting has now finished. Tesco Bags of Help Scheme have confirmed the bid between Brockmoor Primary School and Friends of Marsh Park have been awarded 1st place. This means a total award of £12,000 to spend creating the new learning zone here at the school and the community garden and orchard at Lawyer's Field.


Voting finished on Sunday 13th November 2016. We are currently awaiting conformation of the level of our grant (£8,000, £10,000 or £12,000). We will let you know more once we are informed of the outcome!


During the summer term some of our children worked in partnership with Friends of Marsh Park and Lawyers Field to grow flowers which were planted in Marsh Park. I can report these grew very well over the summer and many local residents commented on how good the park was looking.

Working alongside the Friends from Marsh Park resulted in a proposed joint venture to develop the Lawyer’s Field area of Brierley Hill.

This project was called “Growing our Community Together” and is a partnership between Brockmoor Primary School and Friends of Marsh Park and Lawyers Field.

With the help of a grant from Tesco Bags of Help scheme we aim to create:

• a new planting and learning zone outside Brockmoor Primary School for all children from nursery to Year 6 to enjoy

• a new community garden and orchard in Lawyers Field

We are pleased to announce our bid was successful and we will receive at least £8000.00 to fund this project. Further details of the project can be found on our website and Facebook page.

However customers of Tesco stores will be voting for three projects (including ours) so we may be able to secure a higher amount with your help. Grants are for £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 depending on the outcome of a public vote.

Here is the vision of how the learning zone at the school and the community garden/orchard at Lawyer's Field will look.

If you are able to support us please vote for our project at any of the following Tesco stores:

• Pensnett High Street Express DY5 4JD

• Kingswinford Esso Express DY6 9HP

• Goose Pub Kingswinford Express DY6 8QE

You can vote between 31st October 2016 and 13th November 2016

Please Vote! vote! vote! for Our Project!

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